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Goblin's Shop is a pixel-art simulation game in which the player runs a shop, together with RPG adventures.

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In Goblin's Shop, the player is a goblin who has been bullied by humans and he always wants to get it even. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Goblin realizes that he is too weak to beat any human soldier. Then the idea of opening a shop occurred to him, so he decided to sell weapons, armors and potions to other monsters. To take revenge against humans, he puts together an adventure team with other monsters.

In the game, the player has to undertake adventures with his customers constantly, to acquire better crafting materials. During any adventure, the player might face fiery counterattack from human soldiers, so it is imperative to craft better equipment for customers, and then the customers can kill humans more efficiently. The ultimate goal is to attack humans' castle and gain victory in the end.

Craft various items

The player can craft all kinds of weapons, armors and potions, display the crafted items on the shelf, and then talk customers into purchasing in the store. Oh yes, you will have a taste of being successful at operating a business. Sometimes, customers will ask the player to enchant their gears for an enhancement, so it will be easier to beat humans. Many appliances are also available in the store for the player to purchase, and these facilities will help the player make more and more money~

Serve monsters

Every monster has his/ her unique statistics, dream weapons, and random gifts. They will purchase all kinds of stuff available in your store to gear themselves up. As the monsters level up, it will get easier to tell what the monsters' talents are. Some monsters are meant to be a tank, some for DPS, and others for AOE damage.

Go adventure

When the player makes a fortune in the store, it is a must to contribute something to the society in return. Pay monsters to go on adventures with you, to obtain more materials and recipes for crafting and to boost economy. If the player makes all monsters rich and happy, they will come back to the store again for better equipment. In every adventure, the territory randomly pops up, with potential teammates, treasure chests and even the mysterious transferring portal.

Fulfill your customers

Remember to pay attention to what is happening in the shop all the time, to check what the customers have purchased and restock as soon as possible. Complains are definitely going to happen for products of poor quality or inattentive service. The most important tip to successful business is to build up publicly-recognized reputation.

Skill Tree & Achievements

Every time the player levels up, he/ she is awarded with skill points, which you can spend on skills based on your preference so Mr. Goblin can make more money or can craft items of better quality. Many achievements are designed in the game. Whenever the player accomplishes an achievement, he/ she will be rewarded with more gems with which you can invite even more customers to your shop~